Heavy Duty Folding Chairs That Make Your Life Easier

Have ever had a folding chair that was supposed to be "heavy duty?" Several of the heavy duty folding chairs on the market today just don't meet the standards for plus size people like myself. Yes, I am large. 267 lbs to be exact. Heavy duty chairs that live up to the standards are hard to come by.

I remember being at my daughters 7th grade softball game and brought my 2 year old folding chair with me just to avoid the pain of having to sit on those darn metal bleachers. During the 5th inning I was getting out of my chair to visit the men's room and SNAP!! The chair buckled and I hit the ground rolling around like a beached whale. How embarrassing! I was just glad that only half of the 50 or so in attendance seen me. This particular chair was suppose to be a "heavy duty" folding chair.

Has your ego ever been bruised like that before? Probably. If your large like me, the potential for things to embarrass you goes up dramatically. Sometimes it just feels hopeless.

Breakthrough Technology Used In Heavy Duty Folding Chairs

Thanks to revolutionary technology, and breakthrough discoveries in the uses of metals, we can at least be confident that it is possible to make a heavy duty folding chair that holds up. That holds up to some serious weight.

We want to enjoy our kids sporting activities, camping trips, and cook outs like the rest of the world. So here's 5 tips to choosing a real heavy duty folding chair.

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Heavy Duty Folding Chair

1. Look at the actual rating of the chair. It will state what the chair should hold(ex.up to 300 lbs.) You want your chair to be durable and dependable.

2. What is the frame made of? Sure, I could probably make a chair from 3 inch thick steel but your back would get sore from lugging that around. Look for chairs made from high tensile steel or high grade aluminum. These lighter weight metals are not only strong, but will lessen your back fatigue and make life soo much easier.

3. Look for the material to have a minimum of 600 D nylon fabric. The higher the number, the stronger the fabric. This allows you full confidence that you won't have a "blowout" when sitting down.

4. Check the width and height of chair. Taller people will prefera higher back and some will want the taller back and wider seat. Get the right size and get comfortable and relax. That's what these heavy duty chairs are for.

5. Storage and pockets.This one may be more of a personal preference. Do you like to bring your favorite beverage along with you? You probably want a chair with a cupholder. Do you like to read when relaxing at your favorite outdoor activities? Might want a chair with a few pockets for your books and magazines or whatever else you like. Candy, sunflower seeds, lotion, fishing lures, etc.

Director Style Folding Chairs

One other point needs mentioning. This is important. More and more folks are opting for the Director style of folding chairs. Why? Because they sit higher off the ground which makes it a breeze to easily get out of your chair. Don't you hate it when it feels like your in a low rider and have to struggle to climb out of the darn thing? No need to struggle, sweat and face embarrassment ever again.

I have listed a few of the popular Director style chairs below. These heavy duty folding chairs come in a variety of seat widths and back heights. The arm rests are comfortable and durable and eliminate arm fatigue. Colors may be limited on some models if that's important to you. Some models may have limited and time sensitive offers. (on Sale)

If you are looking for regular size and other folding chairs, check here.